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House Call Cot

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Make your house transfers EASY.

We've all been there.

The body's on the floor.

Two flights of winding stairs.

Tight turns & narrow hallways to get through. 

There's 8 foot stacks of junk from years of hoarding.

A nightmare pickup, right?

Not anymore!

The House Call Cot is your cure to difficult house transfers.


    -Less strain on your house pickups.

    -Press bodies off the ground with ease.

    -Zip around tough corners.

    -Hustle down flights of stairs no sweat.

    -Cut your cot's weight by an average of 51 lbs.

    Want to see how it works?

    Watch the videos in the photo reel.

    The videos show you exactly how the house call cot makes your transfers easy.


    -Light Weight:  The best cot for moving bodies around tough corners & stairs.  Weighs only 20lbs.

    -No Legs: Perfect for 'pressing up'. Easy carrying in & out of house transfers. 

    -Foldable:  Keep the cot in the van/hearse for when you need it.

    -Liquid proof liner:  Fluids won't stain or spread.

    -Foot Pouch: Keep feet stable during harsh movements.

    -Free Shipping:  No charge here.

    What's the house call cot not meant for? 🙅‍♀️

    -Large bodies (Over 350lbs).

    -Hospitals, Nursing homes.  Your normal cot will do the trick there. 

    6 Month Worry-Free Trial

    Try it out for six months. No strings attached (or ligature).

    If you aren't obsessed with it on your tough pick-ups, send it back to us for the full purchase price.

    No charge, no questions asked.


    Net weight: 20.5 lbs (50+lbs lighter than the average cot)

    -Load Weight: 350lbs

    -Folding Size:  42" x 21" x 5"

    -Extended Size: 84" x 21"

    -Materials:  High strength aluminum alloy & PU Liquid-Proof Leather

    -Weight-bearing straps for loading body (not a plastic board)

    -Velco strips for containment

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    Shipping is FREE.

    Estimated 6-10 weeks for this exclusive pre-order.

    We'll send email updates every step of the way:

    -When your order is submitted.

    -When your cot's production is done.

    -When your cot has shipped (with tracking info).

    -Post delivery follow-up.

    Contact Us

    Text or call us: 847-942-4467


    You're making a difference.

    10% of the proceeds of every cot sale goes to support the Baby Spirit Foundation.

    A nonprofit created by the founders of the Mortuary Store.

    We provide free funeral services to families who've had a pregnancy loss.

    When you choose the Mortuary Store, you're having an impact on those we've lost too soon.

    -The Mortuary Store Team ❤️❤️❤️